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Peter Pfund has owned and operated independent law practice since 1981 out of Orange County, California in Newport Beach.

Mr. Pfund has over thirty-eight years of legal experience handling a wide variety of legal matters throughout Southern California. Whatever your current legal issue is, Mr. Pfund has the proven experience to help you resolve your legal issues in a timely and efficient manner or refer you to someone else who can.

Mr. Pfund specializes in the following legal areas…

  • Civil legal matters: Including Personal Injury
  • Collections, Including Lawsuits, Arbitrations, Contract Drafting Including Lease Agreements, Government Compliance and Regulatory Matters.
  • Corporate Governance
  • Drafting Board Resolution
  • Employment Issues
  • Maritime Law

Peter Pfund’s practice also has included the area of the prosecution of medical malpractice claims. He’s also have operated a general civil private law practice including real estate matters.

Mr. Pfund also has decades of experience in handling corporate collection matters, including lawsuits, arbitration’s, writs of execution, liens, levies, debtor examinations, garnishments, attachments, asset searches and seizures, and personal injury.

Mr. Pfund has drafted wills, trusts, completed estate planning for hundreds of happy clients over the years and would love to work with you as well. If for some reason you have a situation that Peter can’t help you with, he has a network of qualified lawyers who are specialists in the legal area that you need help with. He can work in coordination with them or the usual outside legal counsel.

Whatever your legal matter is, talk to Peter Pfund today to get your free consultation and start getting help with your current legal situation.

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